Day 125

Today I have the MOST amazing picture to share…but it is on my dad’s camera :(! So i need him to email it to me! It is of an owl in my backyard.

While my mom was cooking dinner she told me to run outside because she heard to owls, so I grab my camera and head outside…unable to spot any owls! I turn my head up to our roof and see the owl sitting in our chimney!! (That’s why my mom could hear it so well it was echoing through the chimney) Luckily we had put in a screen because we have had our fair share of run in with wild creatures.

1. Duck in the chimney (100% true) I kept hearing strange noises in the living room and everyone thought I was crazy until one day my dad opened the chimney and out flew a duck…yes a duck!

2. Snake (yes snake) crawled into the attic above my parents room and died…worst smell ever.

Those are just two recent ones…so because of this screen I am not telling you about the wild owls in the house!

I waited until the owls left the chimney and landed in a nearby tree to run up to the roof with my dad’s camera (it has a way better zoom) and I got a few great shots! As soon as he emails it I will post!

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