Day 124

This morning my big sis left for the summer :(! Hopefully I will get to see her while she is interning in Atlanta! After she left I had a dentist appointment…well a consultation for getting my wisdom teeth out! Luckily I only have two and they are both on top (which is the easiest!) Finally something goes right with my dental history…this will be my THIRD oral surgery where I need to be knocked out using IV (fun times)

I also finished reading my book, and of course it ended with a cliffhanger…so now I am dying for the third one to come out so I can finish the series! These books are so good and we heard about it in our Children’s Lit class…but I would definitely not consider them Childrens book! This one was over 400 pages and the content is very mature, so I am not sure which age group I would use them with (probably 7th or 8th grade and up)

I also got a early birthday present…a HAIR STRAIGHTNER because mine broke! :(! I absolutely LOVED my old one…but this one is pretty cool too, it is pink and sparkly (if you know me…you know I love pink!) It works pretty well…hence the picture of the day…

The first picture is my hair when I woke up (usually not that bad but I had braided it the day before) The second is my new straightner, and the third is my straight hair…the finished product! :)!


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