Day 121

Beach Day! We woke up and got ready to head down to the beach! Biffle made me start reading a new book on her Kindle (currently obsessed with this…I kind of like the Barnes and Noble Nook more but not sure!) The book is called the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I finished reading it tonight…it is an AMAZING and INTENSE book, not really sure why its considered Children’s Literature. Any person could read this and love it. The book is set in future America where the government does this crazy insane thing. They pick two kids between the ages of 12 and 18 from each district and then the kids have to battle until one remains. Honestly I do not know if it would be appropriate for a kid to read. I spent the whole time pestering Biffle because I did not want all but one to live! Of course there is romance…and having only one survivor is not promising! The book was amazing and now I have to get the second book (the third one comes out in August)

On the beach today we read some more (honestly this is the most cultured beach trip ever!) I didn’t want to bring Biffle’s kindle to the beach so I started reading the Blinde Side. (loved the movie!) I got fried…and I reapplyed a lot…the sun is just out to get me! I didn’t notice the sun burn until later but it hurts!

After the beach we got all dolled up to go to dinner! A while ago my big and I got Biffle a picture frame for her birthday so we needed to get a picture to fill it with! Luckily I had my tripod so that came in handy taking pictures on the beach! here is a cute one from today…

For dinner we went to LongDoggers! It was a lot of fun…after dinner we read so more and watched America the History of US (part 1) I saw this last sunday and LOVED it! So yes it may be summer but we are still being very educational, reading and watching History channel!

Picture of the day is from our photoshoot on the beach! It is of some footprints in the sand and I love it!


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