Day 119

The last day of class is FINALLY here! My final exam was at 12:30 and it was not fun! I need to get a 16/20 on it to keep my A…so cross your fingers that I do! The multiple choice was so tricky :(! If I get an A in this class I will have STRAIGHT A’s for the first time in college!

Before my exam I went to the house to study some more…and it was so sad because everyone was leaving! :(! I mean I know I will be in Gainesville this summer and so will other sisters but the house closes :(! My big was packing her room up to leave…and I won’t get to see her this summer because she is interning in Atlanta (well I am planning on visiting!) She brought all her stuff down to leave…well I mean she is coming with me for a few days so I will still see her! But picture of the day is her fish Lucky (who has been alive since OCTOBER last year!) He is in tupperware because he will be spending the summer with Devan, my big’s roomie!

After my exam I headed home, to drop off Jen’s cap and gown, then I headed to the Beach!! My Biffle, my Big, and I will be spending a few days at the beach! :)!


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