Day 117

9:20 AM this morning I hear a tiny knock on the door, admist my sleepiness I ignore it thinking I am dreaming. After a few moments pass I sit straight up! “What if its the FedEx truck delivering my charger?” I think, “No way he would never come this early” I reason…but still I try desperately to look out my window…difficult when you have THREE layers of light block out stuff, throw on a pair of pants and BOOK it for the door! And guess what…it was the FedEx man, he is getting in his truck as I grab the sticker from the door and start to chase him in the street, and of course he ignores me and drives off….JUST MY LUCK! So note to self…FedEx does deliver at 9 AM and they do not wait very long for you to come to the door, even though there is a mighty good chance you are still in the middle of your REM cycle.

Luckily come 10 AM my computer charger was waiting in the front office! So now I do not have to depend on using my roommate Brittany’s charger. This afternoon Biffle and I planned a GIRLS DAY for my Big’s birthday! We went to this amazing new restaurant called PAZZA BISTRO (I recommend it 110%) It is owned by two young Italian guys who hand make the pasta. You get SO MUCH FOOD! Literally our entire table was covered. With every entree you get a free side of garlic bread (which is practically an entire loaf!) I got the marghertia pizza and oh my gosh you have never seen so much food! It honestly ended up being three meals…lunch dinner and a little left over! Picture of the day is from the restaurant…of my giant pizza!

Then I had Girl Scouts by myself today because Nat is sick…it went WAY better than last week! I am happy to report there was NO FIGHTS, maybe because the two fighters didn’t come? My favorite moment from the meeting was when one of the juniors was doing her Safety Packet and for bike safety she wrote “Always wear your HEADMELT” She honestly did not believe me when I told her it was spelled HELMET! haha!

Tonight we went to my Twin’s to watch Glee, which was just okay…it was very intense! I almost cried like 8 different times! The puppy is geting so big!

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