Day 116

AH! Today is the toughest day of FINALS week! I had TWO finals today!

One at 7:30 AM (Childrens Literature) I got an A :)! So I finish that class with an A (one down four to go) after this test I came home and took a nap…well if you consider going to sleep at 8:45 AM a nap (no one else in my apartment was awake) After my nap I studied….and studied…and studied…until my brain could take no more.

At around 3:30 Amanda and I headed to the sorority house to study some more! She had an exam at the same time as me so we rode together (yeah! going greeen!) Well…the minute I walked into my bigs room I could not stop laughing…this is what I saw

Its Biffle and her self portrait from art lab…I mean seriously how dead on is that! haha! MY last exam of the day was the HARDEST I was so nervous but it actually wasn’t that bad! Fingers crossed I get at least a 34/40 (thats what I need for an A)

Apartment still tense…but at least my stressful exams are out of the way! I only have two more…and one is just a portfolio! As soon as thursday at 2:30 hits I am home free and on my way to the beach! :)! So tired right now, waking up at 6 am did not help (and I can never sleep well before an exam, so worried I will oversleep!)

Ok…so for the past few weeks I have been following this amazing story…These two guys from Auburn (not florida but still…) are on a quest to get a HUG from Taylor Swift. (thats the website where they blog/post videos its awesome) They made these hilarious videos and even started a website to catch her eye…and guess what?? THEY DID! So for the past few weeks Taylor Swift has been giving them challenges, which they in turn make into a video. But today she did the most amazing thing EVER…SHE FLEW TO AUBURN AND SURPRISED THEM with an acoustic concert and a HUG! :)! I would LITERALLY die if this EVER happened to me…I can’t even imagine how I would have reacted just being in that room..probably would’ve passed out! CLICK HERE to read the article and then watch the video of her surprise entrance! Now I am just wishing some UF students would have thought of this first…we seriously need to get on that! Ok here is just the video…

Oh! But on another random Taylor Swift note…my friend Maryphyllis goes to school at Vandy (in nashville near where Tswift lives) and she got a PICTURE with her at Anthropologie near campus (again I would’ve died!) I saw her picture and almost did! haha!! :)! Crazy I know!

Ok! (again I need to learn not to post until the END of the night) but this kid I went to high school with goes to Auburn and his little sister just commented on my facebook status (the link from above) saying that her brothers gf lives RIGHT BY THESE TWO GUYS! ok seriously this world is so small!


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