Day 115

Downed trees, smashed cars, and crazy drama…plus studying for finals all equal a VERY stressful day!

This morning it was storming so bad! There was a tornado watch…and while no tornado hit, it definitely looks like one did! Branches scattered our parking lot, but around the corner from us a TREE fell on top of a car smashing it and busting the windows! So needless to say picture of the day was of the destruction…

**Note the suburban with the blown out windows!!!!

Today I also witnessed the most insane freak out of my entire life.Closest thing I can relate it to is a freak out I saw on Real Housewives of some town where the woman flipped a table mid argument, in the middle of a restaurant! Lets just say that if there was a table it would have been flipped….

It was between two of my roommates, and lets just say the conversation started with “Listen #$%@#, this is how its gonna go!” Honestly we could have our own reality show! So needless to say our entire apartment is on edge…just what we all need before exams. All I know is I have no intention of getting in the middle of this!

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