Day 112

NCAA GYMNASTICS NATIONALS is in GAINESVILLE FLORIDA this Thursday, Friday and Saturday! And thanks to JEANNIE I got to go on Thursday! Picture of the day is from the meet…you can’t use flash so they aren’t that great but here is my favorite

Not sure what school this is…but its still cool! The first meet was at 1 pm and UCLA came in first in that grouping (FL was later) When this round was over we went to dinner at Bistro 1245 on University…it was delicious! :)! Then we came back for the next session where UF was competing! We honestly did not do very well and I am surprised we got second place…we fell off the bars and beam! I got to see my cousin Savanah who is a gymnast and my aunt Elaine who was on Florida’s team when she went here! So it was cool to get a gymnast’s perspective.

Starting at 7pm I checked my phone religiously every 5 minutes for draft updates…Tonight was the first round and Tebow could go ANYWHERE (again favorite player!)…well at the very end of the meet I was checking twitter and I saw a status that said “Tebow is sticking with the orange and blue” I was confused by this until a girl standing next to me said “Tebow is going to Denver!” DENVER!!! That is so freaking far away! :(! But its super cool that he gets to keep ORANGE and BLUE and the number 15! He was also the second quarterback to get drafted…Colt McCoy still has yet to be drafted…Joe Haden and Brandon Spikes were also drafted this round! Oh! and the Denver Broncos play the JAX Jags on Sept 12…in JAX so if I can get a ticket I will be there!

During the break between sessions Jeannie took me over to where they keep all the trophys…surprisingly I had never been there! But it is so cool…I have been to the one at USC (california) and it is NOTHING compared to ours! Here is another picture of me with Tebow’s Heisman trophy!

Go Gators! and Go Denver Broncos!!! (P.S. I am really lucky I didn’t have a favorite NFL team before tonight!!!)


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