Day 111

TODAY WAS THE LAST DAY OF CLASS! :)! WOOHOO! Words can’t describe how amazing it felt to turn in my two final papers! Class itself was PAINFULLY boring (of course) Unfortunately turning in these final papers is not enough…we have to come back and take finals next week…

After class Biffle and I ran some errands to Michaels..we ended up at CVS and Office Max too! :)! I got a super cute file box…because I am determined to become more organized (wish me luck, i will need it!) By the time we finished running errands I only had a little time before my last art lab :(! I remember the first day I had that class ABSOLUTELY HATING it…but honestly I am so sad to see it end. Today we got to share our paintings with the class and I really like mine (picture was posted a few days ago) We even got out early!

After class I headed WAY down Archer road to go to my roommates Amanda and Natalie’s soccer game (They coach a group of little kids) These kids are definitely the poster children for ADD. Each kid was going off in their own direction while waiting on the sideline…lucky for them they are adorable! :)! I ended up chilling on the sidelines with the kids…my new favorite? A little boy named Caden! And guess what?? Their team WON their first game all season (GO DRAGONS!)

Tonight we watched a depressing but important special on E! on bullying in school. I have been learning a lot about this in class and hearing it on the news. It just breaks my heart that kids can be so cruel. Several of the kids they discussed were bullied so bad they took their own life. I just wish kids could follow the simple golden rule we all learn…”Treat yourself the way you wish to be treated” All I know is that when I am a teacher I will be keeping my eyes peeled because I will not tolerate bullying in my classroom…in the special some teachers stated witnessing the bullying but not doing anything about it! Honestly? You are that child’s teacher and it is your responsibility to make sure they are safe! No child should be afraid to go to school. I just hope all these specials, news reports, and other forms of media grab attention of viewers and show them the flaws in our ways.

I figured I would save picture of the day till the end so I don’t have to end on a depressing note…it is from CVS and it is a TOWEL SNUGGIE! Biffle and I have matching Gator Snuggies…yes we are that cool! :)! We decided we need snuggie towels for the beach! (totally kidding!)

tomorrow I get to go to the college gymnastic finals with Jeannie 🙂


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