Day 110

Guess what I did TODAY?? You will be shocked…I still can’t believe it happened…
I BROKE UP A FIGHT at my girl scout meeting today…yes between two GIRL SCOUTS! It was not the regular place I usually volunteer because that one closed so Natalie and I got sent to a different site where the girls are EVIL! (literally!) So after the Daisy Brownine meeting (K-3) We were working with the Juniors (4-5) and we heard screaming outside, so we went out to check and…Two of the ten year olds were going at it! Throwing punches and slamming each other against the wall…so we had to restrain them to keep them from fighting…it was so intense…but I guess now I will be able to react if students start throwing punches in the classroom. Hope that made you laugh…because I think it is pretty hilarious…minus the fact that these are the girl scouts I will be working with ALL summer! So hopefully I will not be reporting any more fights to you! After girl scouts I had my art final which is where I snapped my picture of the day. It is a cool little rock zen garden (remember this was by the art building haha) and I was bored waiting for the test to start

Tonight I feel amazing! I finished all my papers! I am so close to finishing my second year of college (CRAZY!) and I am one semester closer to becoming a teacher. Even though classes end tomorrow I still have four exams next week…JOY


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