Day 108

I have been keeping a secret since Thursday…a secret I wish I did not have to hear about. Since it is Sunday I can fill you in on the secret. My high school youth minister Rich is leaving :(! This news is very hard to accept, but he has been given an amazing opportunity so I am very happy for him. He is going to Villanova to get a masters in Theology and was given one of FOUR internships with the Campus Ministry (which will pay for his tuition) So needless to say this is an opportunity he can’t pass up. I knew he wasn’t going to stay at SMM forever but I didn’t tink he would actually be leaving so soon…He was my youth minister for junior and senior year and is responsible for getting me to go on my first mission trips to Kentucky, which was one of the best experiences of my life. I made some amazing friends on that trip. Then my senior year I went on an EVEN MORE AMAZING trip to a Native American reservation in New Mexico. I could honestly type a book about all the great memories from these trips!

The reason I had to keep this a secret till today was that Rich was telling the student leaders the news tonight. He was extremely nervous about how they would take it. I honestly don’t know how I would have reacted if I was still a student leader. Supposedly some of them did not take the news  very  well…which I can only imagine made this so much harder. I just hope that the students realize that this is an amazing opportunity and just because he is leaving he isn’t gone forever…I hope…

Sorry for writing all of this, but it has been a big part of my past few days and I am FINAL able to write/talk about it. I found out on Thursday and I still don’t think realization has completely sunk in. Two things I realized? One I will NEVER get the opportunity to chaperone a mission trip to Appalachia or New Mexcio (Something I have wanted to do since I graduated from high school) The Second one? His office will no longer be his office. When I come home from college Amanda and I always stop by here at least once. We practically lived there throughout junior and senior year of high school. One time we even made our own office within the office! It will be extremely weird now, because it will be “someone” elses office. I hope they don’t mind us moving right back in! :)!

Here is a picture from our New Mexico Trip. We were all woken up at 4 AM on our last day for a “short” hike (definitely anything but short) when we reached the top (After trekking uphill, through rocks and sand, past random cows) clouds covered the ENTIRE sky…but as the sun began to rise we were able to see an amazing sunrise. Kath (the other chaperone) took this picture…we call it our Real World picture.

Don’t judge how we all look! Remember it was FOUR AM! Again sorry for blabbing on and ona bout this but Rich has really helped me discover how much I love doing service. If it wasn’t for him I would have never recieved the Presidential Service Award. Trust me…you didn’t miss reading anything about my day…all I did was go to church and then I had recruitment workshop from 1-6 pm. So I figured this would be more interesting and it was a good way for me to write down my thoughts. So I guess you all just got to see a little bit of what goes on in my mind! :)!

Real picture taken today is my amazing parking spot after church…right outside the apartment

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