Day 107

So, next week I have a HUGE 8-12 page paper due, a take home essay final, and a million other things to do! Since I had NOTHING to do today…I was determined to get work done…Can you guess how that worked out??

Picture of the day is my keyboard…I planned to spend the day typing away!

It was REALLY blurry so I needed to edit it…and its still blurry but I think the bright colors look cool with the “blurry-ness”

Ok…you probably guessed it, I was extremely unproductive. I literally did nothing today, so I just set myself up for a FANTASTIC week. I did watch Remember the Titans, one of my favorite movies but after watching we decided to research THE TRUE STORY and found a lot of differences. For example main character Gerry doesn’t get into his life changing accident until AFTER the final game. I make my roommates watch it every time it is one tv. This movie may honestly have the BEST soundtrack..including Fire and Rain by JAMES TAYLOR!


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