Day 106

Good news everyone! I passed my FIRST DRUG TEST! (not that I was worried) haha great way to start the day? FOR SURE! So now that I got your attention I should probably explain…I had training for Girl Scouts (my new job!) and of course to work with kids you need to be drug free (which I guarantee I am) The test itself was the coolest thing ever (no peeing in a cup!) It was a saliva test…but it doesn’t always work. I figured it would be JUST my luck for it to fail…and then I would be sent to the urine analysis place…but luckily it worked!! After this Nat and I had to go get some paper notarized at the Student Legal Services (drug test, student legal services? if you didn’t know me you would be worried!) Haha! Now the only paper I have left to fill out is for my paycheck to be directly deposited into my bank account!

Tonight I went to an Accapella Show for No Southern Accent. They are a group on UF’s campus and Biffle’s roommate Kim is in it! They are incredible…seriously I was left speechless! It was also in the Baughman Center (probably spelled that HORRIBLY wrong) but it is a tiny chapel on Lake Alice…and it is where I will be getting married (if I get married in gainesville) Supposedly you have to get on a waitlist YEARS in advance…Biffle suggested I put my name on the list now… haha! Take a look for yourself…this picture shows the outside and inside.

I absolutely LOVE all the windows and the lake behind it is beautiful. The only negative is the size…it was packed!!!!! After the concert Biffle, Rachel, and I were walking out when Biffle decided she wanted to take JUMPING pictures…they were a fail! My favorite part? On her fourth try some random girl attempted to leap into the picture! She will probably kill me for this next picture but Biffle remember you said you wanted it to be picture of the day!!! haha! I compiled all of them!

She may be a little crazy…but she is my biffle! haha :)!!! Check out No Southern Accent on Youtube ( I will post the link when I find it!)!


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