Day 104

Wednesday…Today Natalie and I found out that the center we have Girl Scouts at CLOSED down! Of course no one informed us of this so we had to drive there to find out…We saw one of our girl scouts outside and she reiterated the fact that it is closed until summer (hopefully!) So that is unfortunate because I am not sure if we will be able to have girl scouts until then!

In ART class we shared our final projects…mine was a child’s art lesson. I did Sand Sculpting, as a way to show the importance of preserving nature and to teach them about Andy Goldsworthy and artist that creates sculpture out of natural things (sand snow ice rocks leaves etc) Using this amazing new discovery GLOGSTER I made a virtual poster! I love this website because I never want to actually make posters for presentations…Click here to see the one I made for Art!

Tonight I had ACTIONS! Potluck! This is something we do annually and every member brings a dish…I was planning on baking AMAZING cookies, but time slipped away and I had to buy boring sugar cookies. When the potluck was over we had transitioning for the eboard and event chairs. Shannon (current secretary) was VERY helpful! She gave me a folder full of important information that will definitely help me be a successful secretary! The meeting lasted WAY longer than I accepted, we didn’t get out until 9:30 (and I had been on campus since 4….) LONG DAY! And when I got home I had to finish the video and another glogster for my SDS Group Project.

Since today was VERY busy picture of the day is BORING…so I apologize! It is just ONE of my memory boards covered in photos, tickets, cards, etc!

My favorite player Tim Tebow is on their twice…can you find it?? hints the shirtless men is the UF football team (photo courtesy of JEANNIE!) and the second is on the bottom…hand made card from my Mom! Tebow…again shirtless! haha :)! All the other pictures are FUN memories with friends and family!


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