Day 105

Today was an excellent day! I had my CELEBRATION at mentoring…and my mentee finally showed up! I was really glad she came, and I am sad it was our last day :(! We got to present our poster portfolio we made! One girl in my cohort Kelly’s mentee was the cutest thing ever! He wrote a fractured fairytale (which we learned about in Children’s Lit) He was the most animated little kid ever and he knew ALL about fractured fairytales…more than me!

Tonight I was awarded the Presidential Service Award along with 37 other students. The presentation was at President Machen’s house (which is BEAUTIFUL!) I got to share this experience with one of my sorority sisters Anna! :)! We had a great time and I got a GOLDEN GATOR PIN (which WAS my goal in life) Ever since I saw the event chairs and e-board of ACTIONS! awarded them and heard of how prestigious they were I was DYING To get one! And tonight I had no idea I was going to get one…so you can just imagine my excitement when Anna returned to her seat with one in hand! :)!  Here is a picture of my certificate (which needs a frame) my gator pin (I get to wear to graduation!) and my program (with my name inside! haha)

and then another picture of Anna and I with President Machen after receiving our award. He was a very nice and down to earth man. He took his time to meet each of us and take pictures with us. You can see a little bit of the house and the beautiful pool!


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