Day Ninety Seven

Wednesday means the week is ALMOST over…and I did not have to volunteer (again Alachua County Spring Break ROCKS!) After class I came home and decided to attempt to start my car (I had class later and did not want to ride the bus) It started around 12 when I checked…but when I went to try to start it before class…it failed. Due to this I had to ride the bus to campus (fun!) In art class we started our painting. It is based on a childhood memory. The one I chose  to use is a hike my family and I did in Yosemite National Park (The Mist Trail). In our painting we have to include a visual metaphor (Seriously!) The metaphor I chose is a giant boulder with a tiny flower growing out of the top. This signifies the difficulty of the hike, but the fact that it is possible to complete. We were supposed to spend 20 minutes sketching, but I spent most of the time. The only painting I finished in class was the wash. To do the wash you paint a thin layer of one color (with LOTS of water) over the entire picture. We have to finish the painting on our own time…joy! :)!

Today’s picture of the day is from the morning waiting at the bus stop. University of Florida’s campus currently obsessed with this crazy game called Human’s vs. Zombies. I am not entirely sure what it entails…I just know a ton of weird kids play it! Take this girl waiting for the bus with her giant NERF gun (used to kill zombies I suppose) While on the bus she preceeded to pull out ANOTHER nerf gun! This girl is PREPARED! Kids all over campus are carrying their nerf guns…I find it all EXTREMELY weird…but that may just be me?



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