Day Ninety Nine

Computer still would not work this morning…resulting in a minor breakdown.

On a positive note I got my car fixed. Natalie and Amanda helped jump my car because according to her dad my battery was corroded (sp?) He could tell by the sound…and he was right! This picture shows it all…

Once we jumped it I drove it to Sears and they replaced my battery. Oh! I also forgot to mention ANOTHER thing that stopped working…my credit card! Bank of America noticed something sketchy and decided to send me a new one…it does me no good when this new credit card is sent to my house in Winter Park. So of course when I went to pay for my new battery…credit card FAILED. Luckily I had my debit card so that worked!

This afternoon Biffle and Julianne came over to finish our paintings! I am so proud of myself, because I think my painting turned out so well! Ok…minus the people, but its really hard to paint people. So if you ignore the people..the rest of the painting is pretty awesome! Here is a picture of the finished product…


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