Day Ninety Eight

Today was not a good day…my week just continued downhill. I honestly think I am cursed, everything I own keeps breaking! (not good for a college student 200 miles from home!) So you are all probably wondering what else broke? Well that would be my laptop…which I practically LIVE On! All my photos, homework assignments, and the internet is on there! I was watching the Senate Bill 6 vote on-line for TWO hours when my computer decided to DIE..and not turn back on. I tried everything and it wouldn’t work :(! Again not a good thing for a college student with finals in two weeks.

The Senate Bill 6 is the STUPIDEST thing ever written…pretty much the government wants to pay teachers based on the performance of their students. So imagine you are a teacher in a F school…under this new law you would get paid SQUAT! So pretty much if this passes NO teacher will stay in Florida, and those that do will only teach at high SES schools. There will be no qualified teachers to teach the students in Low SES schools…which is where I believe they need the most help. Still waiting to see if it passes, but I am hoping Gov. Crist VETOS it…if not my entire cohort has decided to move to Georgia where they already get paid more than teachers in Florida.

Picture of the day is me doing laundry (boring I know!) but I got an exciting free sample in the mail! Have you seen the commercial for the Purex 3 in 1 strips? Its one sheet of paper and you put it into the watch and it CLEANS, SOFTENS, and REMOVES static cling! Cool Right?

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