Day 101

This morning started off BRIGHT and EARLY at 6 AM to go check in for Dance Marathon! It was BONUS Spirit Points hours so my big and I went! I could not believe everyone was still standing…I honestly don’t think I could stand for 26.2 hours. I am so proud of all my sisters that stood for that long…and for everyone on staff! They worked super hard to make it a success. Picture of the day is from Dance Marathon just an aerial view.

**If you look closely you can see some dancers sleeping on the table…while standing up!! This was 6 AM and they still had a like 6 or 7 hours to go!

Everyone’s hard work definitely paid off! Phi Mu won FIRST Place in Spirit points!!! :)! So exciting!

Tonight I went to Servefest, an event for ACTIONS! to end Raise Your Voice Month. It was at the Arredondo Cafe in the Reitz Union…COOLEST PLACE EVER! The view is incredible…you can literally see everything on campus, stadium included! :)!


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