Day Ninety Two

So since we have an entire high school class staying in our condo…I was forced to sleep on a TWIN mattress on the floor in my parents room…not very happy about that given that I have FULL size bed in my apartment. After my parents woke up I moved into their king size bed…which is literally like heaven on earth.

Today I finished reading the book I brought to the beach (it was supposed to last all weekend) it was by Sarah Dessen, called Just Listen. I really enjoyed it…except now I am out of books for the beach. I did have the Last Song so I decided to reread it. I went down to the beach to meet up with our family friends The Gordons. They have a condo two down from ours. While there I played with some of my dad’s friends little kids. Will and Evelyn wanted to make dinosaur eggs in the sand, so using dry sand and water we successfully made a nest of dinosaur eggs.

After the beach I was very surprised to find my entire back FRIED…not what I had in mind when I said I wanted some sun. The boys spent most of the day down at the Miller’s condo so we had a lot of piece and quiet…until the boys returned from the thrift shop. I honestly can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard…Scott’s outfit was by far the funniest (hence it being picture of the day)

Note my little brother Matthew’s amazing tank top…which he too found at the thrift shop! Yet again I get to spend another night on the twin mattress…oh joy!


2 thoughts on “Day Ninety Two

  1. evelyn and will says:

    Hi Sara…it was fun making dinosaur eggs with you…see you next time at the beach or in Winter Park.

    Evelyn and Will

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