Day Ninety Three

This morning I was up before the sun rose…so picture of the day is from the beautiful sunrise…

Today I was determined to get some sun…without burning, unfortunately that failed. One part of my thigh is as red as a tomato. My uncle and Amber (his gf) showed up today for Easter. He brought two surfboards…he is a big surfer. It was also the Gordon’s daughter Ellie Claire’s 13th birthday! I have known her since she was really young…I cannot believe she is a teenager! There were a ton of kids down at the beach…but all the high school friends of Ryan had headed back to Winter Park. I got some amazing pictures of my uncle surfing which I compiled into a video ( I will post once I upload it). After a fun day at the beach we went back to the Gordon’s condo for tacos and cake for EC’s birthday…I got hit in the eye with a paddle ball (it hurt so bad…) luckily there is no bruise! We all went to bed early because we are waking up for sunrise service (5:30 am) Almost Easter.


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