Day Ninety Four

At 5:30 AM my dad woke up everyone…I actually got a REAL bed this night…but waking up this early was not fun. We were going to sunrise Easter Mass on the beach. This is something we had never done before so I had no idea what to expect…

When we got there the line to get on the beach was insane (I was expecting a small crowd of 100 people max!) this was insane. First we were waiting in line to get on the beach because of a GIANT puddle..they made a makeshift bridge over it…and you had to cross it two by two. When we hit the beach at about 6:15 AM it was PACKED…there honestly must have been 1,000 people. We crammed into a tiny spot with our blanket and sat down. Mass was nice…the sunrise wasn’t that impressive (pathetic compared to yesterdays). At first I felt bad taking pictures during the actual Mass…until I saw the choir director (who was an AWFUL singer) snapping pictures of his own. I decided that in the future I would rather watch the sunrise from the comfort of the condo and then go to Mass later.

After Mass we went to Roberto’s (a Cuban restaurant) for breakfast with the Gordons. It was  a lot of fun and super delicious. Today was Sunday…meaning I had to drive back to Gainesville (Depressing I know :(!!!) Before leaving I went down to the beach for a little..I sat under an umbrella the entire time…I had given up on “getting sun” Picture of the day is when my brothers were playing frisbee…it is an intense action shot.

My grandparents showed up for Easter Linner (Lunch/Dinner)…after this I chilled till about 6 pm watching my NEW favorite sport…GATOR BASEBALL! :)! I guess it will have to do until football season starts again (Orange and Blue game is this weekend!) The drive back was miserable…I did not want to leave the beach 😦


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