Day Ninety Five

Ok I know I say this every week…but I honestly HATE Mondays!  Waking up early after a relaxing weekend at the beach was not fun…and missing the shuttle launch (6:30 AM) because I had to be back in Gainesville was not my ideal way of starting the week. On a HAPPY note…this week is Alachua County Public Schools Spring Break…which means ABSOLUTELY no volunteering for me! CRAZY right? What should I do with all my free time…? (I know the answer, Homework, we will just have to wait and see if it actually happens)

Today’s picture of the day was made on my iPhone with some app I have…I thought it looked super cool so I took a screen shot…

can you spot the flower?

Since I had absolutely nothing to do today (no mentoring!) I ran to the library to get my books for tomorrow. I was really disappointed when I went to find more Sarah Dessen books (the author of the book I finished at the beach) and they only had ONE…luckily for me the children’s section is packed full of books. (the ones I actually needed for class).


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