Day Ninety

Are you ready for my exciting news???

Well you are looking at…well reading the words of the NEW ACTIONS! Secretary! :)! I am so excited to be on the executive board. I had to keep it a secret to the meeting tonight…which I almost missed due to a malfunction with my car…

I hopped in my car to drive from the sorority house to my meeting and much to my surprise the engine won’t start. This is NOT a good time for car troubles, given that I have to drive home tomorrow for Easter! I was not going to be stuck in Gainesville! Let’s just say I had a minor breakdown, a few tears were shed…but luckily my Biffle was with me. I called my dad and he told me to call AAA. They told me it would be 45 minutes so I went into the sorority house to hang out with my big sis while I waited. Luckily for me it only took AAA FIVE minutes to show up!

This is where my embarrassment from the day comes in…AAA man pulls up…gets out of his car…takes my keys…puts in in the ignition…and BAM! The car turned on! I was mortified…but he swore this happens ALL the time. Thanks to AAA speedy arrival time I was able to make it to my meeting! :)!

Tonight I got to see the LAST SONG… (picture of the day)

Ok…Natalie has told me I am no longer allowed to read books before I see the movie, but I can’t help it if I ALWAYS like the book more than the movie! (incase you can’t tell I liked the book more than the movie) Don’t get me wrong the movie was still great…Miley Cyrus actually did a decent job, they just left some parts out of the movie. The little boy who played Ronnie (Cyrus) brother was incredible, he was hilarious and a great crier!! I think the filmmakers knew how angry I would be each time they left something out…so they would flash to Liam Hemsworth (Will, the love interest) who is one of the more beautiful people in the world, (right up there with Chace Crawford)so I couldn’t stay angry for long. Speaking of Liam Hemsworth, he did an incredible job with his accent! He is Austrailian but during the movie he speaks with a Southern accent! The movie was also filmed in one of my favorite places (that I have yet to visit) Savannah, Georgia…more specifically Tybee Island! The house in the movie looked EXACTLY like my sorority sister Angela’s beach house in Alligator Point Florida! Another favorite in this movie is the part where you get to see sea turtles hatch! This is something I have seen myself (a few years ago in Cocoa) honestly one of the most incredible things you will ever witness! Way cooler than watching the turtle lay the eggs! Hopefully I get to see it again someday, but I kind of feel like it was a once in a lifetime experience! All in all it was a good movie and I would recommend it. Natalie had never read the book and she LOVED it, but again if you like to read…the book is incredible, honestly one of my favorites.

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