Day Eighty Eight

Waking up Monday morning is always the worst part of the week! Its so early and never fun having to get ready for the week. I made it to class and Biffle informed me that the paper due next period was supposed to have an intro and conclusion..information I did not know! I quickly wrote it on a sheet of paper because I would prefer to lose 2 points for neatness instead of 6 for not having them. The teacher is pretty chill so I don’t think it should be that big of deal.

This afternoon I had mentoring…for the SECOND to last time! We had to work on our final project…and my mentee’s 5 year old sister came along today again! Picture of the day is my mentee, her little sister, and our final project!

It is a poster all about her…we included things we learned this year as well as things she loves! The giant stars are because when she grows up she is going to be the NEXT BEYONCE! :)! Gotta love the face she is making…this pretty much sums her up! :)!

Tonight I had CD…and after that our houseparents treated us to a fun night at Peach Valley! This is a restaurant that serves the most amazing apple fritters. They are so sweet and invite all the sisters to come along. Their grandkids were visiting and Papa Don was showing off a picture that made me very jealous! It was their entire family with Coach Urban Meyer…he claimed “Urban owed him a favor!” (his exact words)! :)! He just called him up and Urban said to come on over for a picture! How cool is that?!?!


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