Day Eighty Nine

Tuesdays are always fairly boring, because it is the one day a week I do not volunteer (crazy right?) Well, once I am officially an employee of Girl Scouts I will have another meeting on Tuesdays! :)! Today when I got home from class my Barnes and Noble package had arrived! The poor guy at the front desk had to lug the heavy box out with only one arm (the other was in a sling!) I felt like a total dork when he said “must be something good” and I replied…”its books!” Oh well…I like to read… I also ordered two movies. One I had seen partially and wanted to finish (Alex and Emma) this stars Kate Hudson and Luke Wilson..pre AT&T commercials when he is still looking good. The second movie was One Fine Day, GREAT movie that Natalie has never seen! Then I got four books, one was for my “Children’s Library” I am already starting for my future classroom… it is a good excuse to buy kid books I want to read! This one is actually a real little kid book (not a short novel) it is Cinderella and other Fairytales…it was only 90 cents! I couldn’t pass it up! In the mail I also got my FREE sample of Kashi (a granola bar!) Being a college student I absolutely LOVE free samples! My friend Lauren started a Tumblr (similar to a blog) where she posts links to free samples…check it out HERE :)!

So being totally lame, picture of the day is my KASHI box. You have to admit it is a pretty nifty box!

There was one thing I really wanted to use as my picture of the day…but I would have looked like a complete stalker getting the picture…and I am not brave enough for that yet! So I will explain…for the past few days my roommates and I have noted a large…no GIANT…tire sitting in the bed of a truck outside our apartment. We were all curious about it…but our curiosity was answered today when Natalie urged us to all look outside the window. Two guys were outside FLIPPING the tire over (exercise?) This is what I wanted to take a picture of…but we already looked creeper enough peering through the blinds…so the kashi box will have to do! :)!

Oh and I got some SUPER exciting news today…but I am not allowed to share just yet! 🙂 I am also beyond excited for tomorrow…not only will I get to share my secret…but I get to see the LAST SONG! :)! Which for those of you who don’t know is one of my FAVORITE books! (READ IT!) I hope the movie is just as great…believe me I will share my thoughts on it tomorrow!

P.S. Check out this video Natalie found…

Tim Tebow helped this guy propose to his girlfriend… so cute! My future husband better never try this…b/c I would be very disappointed that Tebow wasn’t proposing to me! haha :)!


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