Day Eighty Five

Friday is always a great day because I have no classes! I was up extremely late (thursday night/friday morning) watching movies on the computer. One in particular that I loved was Phoebe in was about a little girl (Elle Fanning) who is struggling in school and continually escapes to her fantasy wonderland. I spent the entire movie trying to diagnose her…and point out flaws in the teacher/parents/principal. If these people would have taken my classes this little girl would have gotten the help she needed faster! It was an excellent movie and they connected her problem and the story of Alice and Wonderland very well.

This is one of my favorite scenes in the movie starring her sister Bailee Madison. I think this little girl is absolutely adorable!! Since I was up so late I planned on sleeping in, but of course that did not happen. Biffle and I decided to take advantage of no class on Friday and do homework (Shocked??) We went to the study rooms at the clubhouse on a beautiful spring day and did our work…while everyone out by the pool had an amazing time. Picture of the day is our view from the study room…depressing!

Tonight we had some high school friends over for Megan’s birthday which is Easter weekend! :)!


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