Day Eighty Four

Today was boring compared to yesterday…I am happy to report there were no fire alarms, flames, or any other dangerous events. Class was pretty entertaining, the first group presented their project (my group is last to present) The group impersonated our teacher and some of her mannerisms. They had her down! It was hilarious.

Today I had mentoring and it went really well. My mentee’s little sister tagged along and she was absolutely adorable! My mentee tried to convince me that her little sister was evil prior to me meeting her. She was the cutest thing ever, and my mentee worked so well with her. I wish I had seen this interaction before writing my caregiver paper (due this morning) She told me how she loves to play school with her and often uses the activities from mentoring when they play. This made me feel really beneficial.

Tonight we had a BIG SIS REVEAL (thats why I couldn’t share yesterday’s picture because it was of my Biffle’s unpainted quatrefoil.) The quatrefoil is given to the little sister from the big. My biffle got an amazing little named DANA! :)! Today’s picture of the day is of Dana, Lauren (another new member and Dana’s roomie) and ME! :)! They are each holding their quatrefoils from their bigs. Big Sis reveal is one of my favorite things in the sorority…probably because I have a great big and twin! :)!

I finally got to wear a SUN DRESS! Pulling out my Lilly dresses from recruitment time is always exciting! Thankfully, the coldness has gone away…for now at least.


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