Day Eighty Three

Since I am actually writing this post ON TIME…I cannot post the picture. I am under strict orders that it can not be shared until tomorrow…but it will be exciting when I add it!

Today I had my test…it was not fun! After class Biffle and I ran some errands and then she drove me home! I love days like this, when I don’t have to ride the bus! :)! My day got even more intense when I got home…lets just say I am lucky the apartment building is still standing…yes flames were involved.

Lesson for the day…watch things when you put them in the oven! I was attempting to make nachos and I honestly left them in there for 4 minutes. I smelled them burning, so I pulled them out and they were on fire…yes ON FIRE! Flames! Flames! Flames! Luckily Amanda was home because I was FREAKING out. I put the flames out by pouring water on the fire…but not before the fire alarm decided to go off. Thankfully the fire department did not show up…that would have been embarrassing! I honestly want to know why every cooking incident involves me? At least now I have a good story…

After that fiasco I had girl scouts…we only had one girl show up. Marquisha was at a spelling bee, but showed up at the very end. She scared Natalie and I so bad! She came BOUNDING through the door! I was just glad she was in a better mood than last time!

In art lab we finished up our print project. We had to work with a partner and do a collaborative print. My partner and I used our prints to show balance. I think it turned out very cool…so did the T.A. (SCORE!)

Tonight I had to write my Caregiver Paper…well the alternate assignment, since my caregiver kept cancelling on me :(! It was a 5 page paper with a lesson plan. This was my first real lesson plan I have ever written! That was pretty exciting…I am sure I will hate them in the future! 🙂

So Amanda just showed me this girl on youtube who has an AMAZING voice! She is great! Her name is Tiffany Alvord and I can almost guarantee she will be famous, this is how everyone gets discovered now (youtube) I can’t pick one song to put on here because I like them all!

Ok I chose Hey Soul Sister by Train…check it out…and then listen to her Taylor Swift Medley its amazing!

Here is the picture for today…I had to wait until Thursday to add…because it was of my Biffle’s quat…and if I posted it her little would have DEFINITELY known who it was! (its supposed to be a surprise!) So since I didn’t post yesterday I compared the two…the picture from today is the unpainted quat. Didnt my Biffle do an AMAZING job?? :)! I think she did an INCREDIBLE job!!! :)! I love the white swirls…and if you look closely they are accented with green..impressive biffle! :)!


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