Day Eighty One

Alarm clock goes off at 7 AM…time to get up and start the week. Monday  mornings are never fun! Class was boring as usual, we reviewed for a test in one and did group work in another. I had mentoring today and it was actually successful! I have discovered that my mentee LOVES to do word searches. I try and make them more educational by having her define the words while she finds them. I also think it helps with her spelling because she is able to find the words without continually glancing at the list. Today’s picture of the day is from right outside the apartment. I snapped this after I got off the bus. I was creepily standing in the grass taking this picture when I heard someone leaving the apartment…luckily it was just Amanda.

Tonight I had to work on my poetry project for Children’s Literature. My Poet was Nikki Giovanni. She is amazing! The poem I decided to share in class was called “I Wrote a Good Omelet” I think it is adorable.

 I wrote a good omelet...and ate a hot poem...
 after loving you

 Buttoned my car...and drove my coat the
 after loving you

 I goed on red...and stopped on green....floating
      somewhere in between...
 being here and being there...
 after loving you

 I rolled my bed...turned down my hair...slightly
      confused but...I don't care...
 Laid out my teeth...and gargled my gown...then I stood
      ...and laid me down...
 to sleep...
 after loving you
Seriously is that not the cutest poem you have ever read?! I can't wait to share it with the class. 

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