Day Seventy Nine

Saturdays…such a good day…but yet I had absolutely nothing to do, seems to be a trend this weekend! Natalie and I were going to get CPR certified at the Hilton Hotel…but we were told to wait until our employment with Girl Scouts becomes official…I am now kicking myself in the butt because of this decision! Later in the afternoon a picture popped up on my facebook, it was of one of my sorority sister’s little brother and TIM TEBOW at the HILTON HOTEL…yes the same hilton hotel I was supposed to be getting CPR certified… :(!

After this depressing revelation I got some GOOD news from my dad…he had bought Netflix for home (Winter Park) and I could access it on my computer! It is amazing you can watch a selection of movies instantly on your computer…granted not EVERY movie is available for instant viewing a majority of them are! Amanda and I decided we needed to find a way to plug the computer into the tv so we could all watch the movies…we decided to wait for everyone to get home to go get the cord!

To kill time Amanda and I decided to watch another Lifetime movie…We had watched one in the morning with Natalie, it was called LoveWrecked and starred Amanda Bynes. It was about a young girl who gets marooned on a island with her rockstar idol. She was the perfect person for the role! After this movie Natalie left to study..being the ONLY good roommate! Amanda and I were about to turn the tv off, when the commercial played for the next movie Sorority Wars. Being a sorority girl I was instantly intrigued! This movie starred Lucy Hale and Robert Mayes (Amanda and I’s new obsession!) It was hilarious!

All four of the roommates went on a Butler Plaza adventure..first stop Walmart. I will be the first to say that I hate Walmart, especially the on in Gainesville…but it is extremely cheap! Of course they didn’t have what we needed. Next stop Target…my favorite! They had so many new items that were absolutely adorable, it is there Liberty line. One complete shocker we discovered while shopping is the picture of the day…notice all the books under Young Adult.

Its pathetic when the entire young adult section is entirely devoted to vampires. I just think this is a little sad considering its not reality, even though I will be the first to admit all those romance novels aren’t reality either, but at least these novels contain HUMAN characters. I just feel like there needs to be a wider selection of books for young adults. Seriously, what are the kids who DON’T like vampires supposed to read…or does Target suggest they give up reading all together? Target was Twilight crazy today…they even had Twilight barbies!! I will admit I read 3 and half of the books…but I could not finish the fourth one because after watching the movie I was completely turned off. Not to sound all high and mighty but I feel like I have been exposed to better literature and acting since then, which has changed my views on these Twilight books. For those of you who think Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are grade A actors…please sit down and watch a Lifetime movie…the actors in those movies have WAY more talent and they haven’t even made it to the big screen! Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean to attack those of you who LOVE Twilight…its just not my cup of tea…and I honestly do not understand the hype that surrounds it?

After we got home from Target, I started watching the House Bunny on netflix! Such a funny movie…I also found it hilarious how the bad guys were Phi Iota Mu…very similar to Phi Mu (my sorority) but there were no similarities!! Those girls were just nasty..but hey its hollywood! Natalie and I went to McCallisters for dinner…a delicious deli in Gainesville and when we got home we watched The Nanny Diaries…Natalie had never seen it! After that finished we were in the mood for another movie so we watched She’s the Man starring Amanda Bynes…after this finished we watched again…yes you read that correctly we watched again, but this time with the commentary! (just like we did yesterday with Cinderella Story) As you can see we have had a REALLY productive weekend…at least we are catching up on movies :)!! But we have Plant City tomorrow for AMAZING RACE fundraiser! It is supporting Amanda’s cousin’s relay for life team!


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