Day Seventy Eight

I turned in my first job application of my life today…pathetic right? I am almost twenty and I am just now applying for my first job. I guess I have just been extremely lucky my whole life to be graced with babysitting jobs. If only I could find a nice family to babysit for in Gainesville…but I guess this new job is pretty close. Natalie and I are going to be working for Girl Scouts of America! We have been volunteering with them since freshman year and absolutely love it! We are troop leaders to a small group of girls and when we are officially hired we will take over a few more meetings! After the meeting Natalie and I went to Publix to get stuff for cookies because Megan was coming over to study with Natalie.

Since it was Friday…in Lent…that meant no meat…so we d to try a new pizza place near us. It was pretty good! :)! After pizza we watched A Cinderella Story, this is Natalie and I’s guilty pleasure movie. We can literally recite the ENTIRE movie, word for word. After the movie we watched it again, but this time with the commentary. The commentary is the entire cast watching the movie and commenting on it, which is hilarious! It is really interesting to see what the actors thought about certain parts of the movie. I feel like I could have done the commentary for the movie because every time I said something one of the actors would point of the same thing.

Today’s picture of the day is the cookies we made…success baking (I think this is the first time I have been able to document successful cooking!)

So our weekend started off pretty boring…I was determined to get a lot of homework accomplished…but that was a fail.


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