Day Eighty

Today the roommates and I were supposed to embark on an Amazing Race journey to Plant City (fundraiser for Relay for Life for Amanda’s cousin)but due to rain it was cancelled…so my plans for the day vanished.

With nothing to do (except maybe homework…but who wants to do that??) I did what every person LOVES to do on rainy days…I decided to watch movies…courtesy of netflix! With netflix (my dad got for our house at home) I can access certain movies on my computer and watch them INSTANTLY…it is amazing, and probably horrible for me to discover…because for those of you who don’t know I absolutely LOVE movies!!

One movie I watched today that I absolutely fell in love with was Penelope…rated PG (don’t laugh it was an AMAZING movie) Reese Witherspoon produced this movie and I believe that any young girl nearing puberty or going through high school should watch this movie. It contains such a profound message…that one must accept themselves for who they are, and learn to love themselves. Watch the trailer here…

While at times the movie is exaggerated…I mean honestly Christina Ricci looks better with the pig nose than some people you pass out on the street, yet whenever someone sees her face they flee in panic, some even going as far as to jump out a window! Despite this I still think this movie was incredible…I feel a little dorky saying it but it was just such a sweet, feel-good movie. James McAvoy who plays Max, the love interest, is absolutely perfect for the role. He is not your drop dead gorgeous leading man, but rather a down to earth guy who just happens to have BEAUTIFUL aqua blue eyes. I believe this movie is something ANY girl could relate to! I could go on and on talking about this movie..I may watch it again tonight (seriously!) I also watched another cute movie today Head over Heels with Monica Potter and Freddie Prinze Jr. (who I LOVE) but I won’t go into details…just take my word for it, if you want a cute romance/comedy movie watch that! It is very similar to a lifetime/hallmark movie (another one of my faves!)

Today’s picture of the day is from campus this morning. I had to meet up with Adelina, the representative from Dreams of a Lifetime. We are doing our April Service project with them. They are an amazing organization similar to Make a Wish…but rather than helping young children they help young adults 18-29. We are participating in their 5k, so I had to meet up and turn in the forms.

It is from Library West…one place that you will NEVER find me! I am not a Library person…the only library you will ever find me in on campus is Norman (the education library) and note no homework was actually done in the library. It is almost ten pm and I have yet to start the homework for the weekend so I feel it is safe to say the weekend was VERY unproductive!

**Note** Tonight Obama’s Health Care Bill was passed……….we will see what that means for our future


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