Day Seventy Seven

Thursday is always my favorite day of the week…because its my LAST day of class! :)! Once class finally gets out the only thing keeping me from my weekend is mentoring…which went extremely well today. Well minus the fact that my Mentee’s mom cancelled on me yet again. Luckily my teacher is going to give me the alternate assignment because this was her THIRD time cancelling on me! Driving home after mentoring I saw this crazy car with a trailer all decorated…it was right next to me at a red light so I snapped this picture on my phone…unfortunately you can’t see the whole car. It had chairs on the roof! :)!

Isn’t it cool…all painted and decorated!

Today also started MARCH MADDNESS! I usually do not pay attention to this…but I filled out a bracket so I have been keeping track of who wins and loses. I am not very good at this whole bracket thing…I had the Gators going THREE rounds and of course they lost today! There were some major shockers though…like Vandy losing to Murray St! I mean who is Murray St? I have never heard of them! I feel like I am not the only person with a completely messed up bracket. Oh and Georgetown lost…I had them making it to the final four…fail!

Tonight I went to another basketball game…this time for my sorority! My big sister plays on the team. We won! :)! It was the first game of the playoffs so that was a lot of fun! :)!


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