Day Seventy Six

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!! Finding something green to wear was NEAR impossible! I should have thought about that last night…but of course I waited until 7 AM this morning…I ended up wearing teal (close enough!) and I had a green ribbon on my backpack! After that fiasco it was time for class which started off pretty awesome! My teacher brought us these amazing homemade cookies. She had hand iced each of them with green clovers on it…very impressive! Class was extremely boring…even with the extra little bit of sugar in my system. I feel like my brain is still on Spring Break. After surviving class I had to walk in the rain to Peabody Hall to turn in my application for the Executive Board of ACTIONS! :)!

Natalie and I had Girl Scouts today and only 2 of them showed up. Both of them were in a bad mood and were little brats the whole time! They are usually so sweet, especially our Daisy but she had a really big attitude and did not want to do anything! :(! That was not a fun experience

I know at the beginning of the semester I told you all how much I hated Art Lab…well now I love it! :)! It is so much fun and I really  like when the professor sits in on them. She is so chill and down to earth. Today we made prints. We had drawn a piece of nature (mine was a leaf) onto styrofoam. Then you put this ink paint stuff on it…but you can’t put it on too thick! It was really hard to get the ink on right. The professor was so helpful, we had moved into the smaller back room and she helped the four of us with ours! I think it would be a fun activity to do with a class, you would just need a lot of volunteers!

Tonight I had my ACTIONS! Meeting and this is where I found the photo of the day…well Stephanie found it on the car next to us! I absolutely love this bumper sticker, it is a fun way to make people aware of breast cancer. Another bumper sticker I like is Save the TaTa’s! These are cute, fun ways to catch peoples attention and make them aware of breast cancer! I really like these ones…it doesn’t have that creepy lady on it!

I mean seriously if you drove by this car wouldn’t you wonder what this bumper sticker was about?

Oh yeah…other depressing note of the day…Tim Tebow was back in Gainesville today, but thanks to the fact that I had a million and one things to do today I didn’t get to go watch pro day! :(! My twin Christina went…so I am extremely jealous of her! For those of you that don’t remember Tim Tebow is my FAVORITE player…go all the way back to my first post and you will see a picture from the BEST day ever! :)! I am hoping that I see him around campus before he leaves…believe me if I do you will hear about it!

Speaking about sports…I am feeling EXTRA “sporty” tonight because I filled out my FIRST ever college bracket! It was so hard to pick someone other than the Gators winning…I ended up choosing KY (even harder b/c its an SEC school) I had to consult just about every man in my family…but the only person that ACTUALLY helped my was my dad. Matt hadn’t filled one out and Ryan was at the Magic game. I was very impressed by my choices…when I called my dad and read him my options and he said I did a good job! :)! Hopefully I picked the right teams…if I get them all right I win 10,000 dollars but according to Ryan that is a “9 in one quintillion”  chance of winning!


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