Day Seventy Five

Due to the HORRIBLE Internet connection at my apartment complex I am forced to sit in the Hub and update my blog…Today Natalie and Brittany went to complain and the people at the front desk tried to explain that we were getting BETTER internet…to “just give it a few days” Well apartment staff that is a little hard to do when the two websites that won’t open are the most important…Wordpress (Blog) and Gatormail (school email). Today’s picture is fairly boring…because I wanted to upload this post before I leave the Hub, just incase I still can’t get on wordpress. It is just of my computer while working on the blog…I edited using this great program called Picnik! It is completely free (for the basics, which is all you need) and easy to use! Click here to check it out!

Other than my terrible internet connection I really just had class…the only exciting thing that happened in class was in Art…I got a 104 on my exam!!!!!! Only missed one question! I was SHOCKED…Art is definitely not my best subject and I was already planning for a B (way to be optimistic! :)!) Luckily I think I may pull an A now! :)!

Now I am about to go to a Cancer Forum for Raise Your Voice Month (with ACTIONS!) it starts at 7 pm and should be very interesting. I know they have several great speakers lined up! If I can get on wordpress when I get home I will let you know how it goes!

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