Day Seventy One

Ever since I gave soda up for Lent I have been trying DESPERATELY to find a drink I enjoy as much as a soda…can’t say I have found anything comparable…but I have found some alternatives. My new obsession? Diet Snapple Cranberry Raspberry, it is absolutely delicious! What is my favorite part of this fruity drink? The lids!! (haha) Each lid contains a random fact! Want more fun facts?? check out OMG-FACTS Here people can post hilarious and interesting facts! I spent a good amount of time reading them today…I feel like I learned SO MUCH! (who cares if its random?)

Another new obsession…and picture of the day?

DARTS! We (Amanda, Stephen and I) found this dart board in the Youth Room! I had never played before but as you can see (note the BULLSEYE) I was very successful! This throw was like my SECOND try…now I just need to convince someone to make Darts an Olympic Sport, oh yeah and practice A LOT more! We played a game of darts and I won (10 rounds, 2 darts) with a score of 291…impressive right! I told Amanda that now we need a dart board for the apartment so we can practice and get really good!

Next new Obsession?

Stop Motion Videos…I got my inspiration from this music video, Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie

here is another example of a music video that uses stop motion (Sleepwalking by A Fine Frenzy) This is what Amanda and I’s video will one day in the FAR FAR future look like. I have attempted these in the past but Amanda and I had a ton of fun making them with little trinkets we found in the Youth Room, including a small Yoda, Alvin (the chipmunk) and a Jesus Bobblehead just to name a few! This is my favorite one I have finished, it uses a crazy lego(??) man someone had built…so watch this CRAZY cool dance video! (Sorry I don’t want to have a 100 videos in this post, and the first one is MUCH better…just follow the link to see mine!)

As you can see today was a very fun day…lots of new obsessions (wonder how long they will last!) Only two more days of Spring Break left…the stress of returning to school is starting (so much to do, so little time :(!!!)

P.S. Remember that Self Portrait from FOREVER ago?? The one that I had to finish for my teaching art lab? Well, I FINISHED it! I honestly like the original sketch more, I am not very skilled at this whole coloring with oil pastels to show shadows and highlights all while using a WARM color scheme…but to show you all I made a short video (sorry for all the video posts, I just learned how to add them, I am a little obsessed!)

P.S.S. I have LEARNED my lesson…never post daily blog post until the day is over! I must have edited this post 5 plus times! I would like to say I made another blog so I can post video and news articles I find interesting without clogging up this blog, its on this same website just click here to see it! Remember I just made it today…so it doesn’t have very many posts (and I know one of them is exactly the same as the beginning of this post!)


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