Day Sixty Nine

This morning we woke up to the sun shining (always a good sign when you are at the beach!) We got all suncreened up (a MUST when at the beach!) and got ready to head down to the beach…BUT…as soon as we went to leave ONE rain cloud decided to appear and rain on our parade…

Today’s picture is from this time, as you can see to the left is BEAUTIFUL but to the right there is a GIANT rain cloud…

Instead of letting this rain ruin our day, we just rearranged our plans a little. Caitlin and I ran to Publix and got stuff for lunch, by the time we got back the rain had stopped and it was time for lunch! After lunch we headed down to the pool deck and soaked up the sun! It was very relaxing…and I did not get SUNBURNED which is a big surprise because I usually fry. I think this is due in fact to Caitlin’s ingenious tanning methods. She set an alarm on her phone so we would rotate for equal time intervals…way better than my usual tanning which involves falling asleep and regretting it later.

For dinner we got pizza from Bizarro’s (another Plumley family favorite!) They have the most amazing White Pizza ever made! Tonight I exposed Caitlin to Modern Family and Cougar Town, and before that to the Office! She exposed me to Keeping up with the Kardashians…which I have to admit is not a terrible show!


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