Day Sixty Eight

BEACH TRIP STARTS TODAY! I felt like I should actually attempt to do something college students associate with Spring Break…so I headed to Cocoa Beach today with my friend Caitlin. Unlike the wild college trips that occur during Spring Break we plan on just chilling at the condo, laying out on the beach, and enjoying a few good days in the sun! Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!

This morning I went to lunch with my high school friend Grant. I haven’t seen him since LAST year…he goes to Vanderbilt University now, which is ALL the way in Tennesse. It was really good to get to see him! After lunch I came home and packed and headed to the beach with Caitlin.

When we got there my dad was there because he had a meeting so we all went out to dinner at one of my favorite spots…Long Doggers (can you think of more creative name?) It is just a fun local fish/chicken fingers/hamburger place (if that makes any sense at all!) Today’s picture of the day is courtesy of my father…he insisted this be the picture of the day so I am using it. It is from inside the restaurant, right above our booth to be exact!

Before dinner Caitlin and I watched Precious…well attempted to we didn’t get to finish it. It honestly was not as “AMAZING” as I expected. After dinner we just hung out and watched random television shows. Tomorrow we will hit the beach, as long as it is BRIGHT and SUNNY!


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