Day Seventy

Today Florida experienced weather I have seen before…during HURRICANE SEASON! We literally must have gotten a foot or more of rain. This morning when Caitlin and I woke up at the beach the clouds were rolling in, and before we knew it the rain started to fall. We drove through a lot of heavy rain, but luckily that was it not too much wind! I absolutely hate driving when its windy because I feel like my car is going to get blown into the next lane!! Not a comforting thought while driving! When we got back to Winter Park Caitlin and I went to our favorite lunch spot in town, Edens. They make the most delicious wraps and salads ever! When I got home the rain picked up again…luckily it stopped long enough for me to unpack the car! The rain continued for most of the day, pretty much a steady DOWNPOUR! Our driveway got completely flooded! That is where today’s picture of the day came from…I waded out into the driveway and the water completely covered my feet. I had to be VERY careful with my camera because of the torrential downpour. There was no umbrella in reach so I invented a make-shift waterproof camera casing using a publix bag. Cheap and effective! There is nothing more enjoyable than splashing around in puddles! I tried to get an action shot…but that failed! Remember I was using a publix bag as an umbrella! haha!

Ok and I want to end with a quote…I used to love this quote in high school. I had the hardest time finding it tonight, but then I looked on a GIANT poster project we made Senior year and there it was…

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the rain”

I have no idea who wrote this quote but I think it’s perfect.

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