Day Sixty Six

This morning I had to work at the church nursery. I love working here because the kids are so much fun! They all have their own hilarious personalities. I was VERY excited when one little boy came in…I had never seen him before…but he was the son of two young adults (idk how old?) who used to help with Youth Group when I was in high school. Mike and Christy were always so much fun and I remember when Mike told us Christy was pregnant…We were playing Apples to Apples and he threw down the HAVING A BABY card! :)! Can you imagine a cooler way to tell someone you are having a baby?! After that they practically fell off the face of the earth so when they dropped off their little boy Britt I was THRILLED! He was such an adorable little kid…and he was wearing a polo. Some of the kids in the nursery show up in nicer clothes than me…take the 3 year old that showed up in a COMPLETE Vineyard Vines outfit (shirt, pants and belt!) Adorable? Yes…Crazy Expensive for a 3 yr old? Yes! But I can’t complain I will be dressing my kids in those same preppy outfits, but with my teacher salary I may have to use Target alternatives.

After work I went to the infamous Pita Pit with Amanda and Stephen. This is a traditional visit for us whenever we come home. We got our pitas to go and took them back to the youth room. We practically own it…once Amanda and I took over a whole section even putting up a sign that said “Sara and Amanda’s Workspace” Those were the good ole days! We had the whole office to ourselves because Sunday School/Confirmation events were going on. Today’s picture our of some DEAD flowers we found in the youth room. We all bet they belonged to Rich (the high school youth minister) but in reality they belonged to Daisy (the middle school youth minister) They were a gift from her high school helpers…and even though they are dead they still remind her of life? I am still a little confused by that one.

The rest of the day was extremely boring…Mass at 6 PM with my little brothers then a family dinner. My mom dad and I all watched the Oscars together…and they went on FOREVER! I am happy to report that Katheryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker which I still need to see) won for BEST Director (first female ever!) and she beat her EX Husband James Cameron (Avatar!) Oh yeah! Sandra Bullock won best actress for the Blind Side, the only movie I had actually seen! My goal for the rest of Spring Break? To watch The Hurt Locker, Up in the Air, UP (yes the cartoon!) and any other movie that comes out on DVD! :)!

One thought on “Day Sixty Six

  1. Biffle says:

    me and skills just watched up in the air – very unexpected ending. and also we will all have to watch up together when we get back!

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