Day Sixty Seven

So today I saw a trailer for this movie that looks absolutely AMAZING! I have been waiting so long for this movie to come out!

It is called The Last Song based on Nicholas Sparks book. I read this book a few months ago and FELL in LOVE with it! The movie looks incredible…minus Miley Cyrus. I really do not like how they cast her to play the main character Ronnie, but according to Nicholas Sparks he wrote this part for her as a way to make it out of Disney Land :)! On one hand I trust Nicholas Sparks his books and movies have never disappointed me (take Dear John, The Notebook, and A Walk to Remember) but I still don’t think Miley Cyrus is the right person for the role. Liam Hemsworth, who plays her love interest, is absolutely gorgeous and paired with Greg Kinnear (who plays Ronnie’s father) will probably make up for her poor acting. I definitely recommend that EVERYONE reads the book before seeing the movie…which comes out March 31st! :)!

This morning I got my hair cut/colored…I am now VERY blonde! I also got some bangs (sort of?) I am not sure I like them yet…but I probably will tomorrow haha! After getting my hair cut I was very unproductive, this whole spring break seems to be following that pattern. I got really excited when I heard owls outside so I ran up to the roof (we had a door that leads to the roof) and I went up there to attempt to take some pictures. I failed in Owl watching…but I did get this pretty great shot.

I really like the tiny bird in the top left corner…when I noticed it I was wishing I had put my bigger lens on the camera, but I am very happy with how this photo turned out!

Tonight Marisa is coming over after work for MONDAY NIGHT TV! :)! Life Unexpected, Gossip Girl, The Buried Life, and My Life as Liz. Probably my favorite night of tv and now I get to spend it with Marisa! She goes to UCF so I don’t get to see her unless I am home. I am currently waiting for her, she gets off at 9…but I found a great distraction. I know I have talked and talked and talked about MTV’s new show The Buried Life (the finale is on tonight!) so rather than go on and on about how much I love it…I will share a link so you all can see what its all about! They posted a bunch of videos on their youtube from before MTV. It is really fun to watch because you know they are doing it all on their own…so you should all check it out HERE! Watch the Journal entries 1-13, it doesn’t take long each video is about 3 minutes! :)! And then be SURE to watch the Season Finale TONIGHT at 10 pm on MTV…you will not be disappointed!  ENJOY!

Oh! I wanted to share yet another link with you all! Amanda sent it to me earlier…it is a cover of the song Sara Smiles (yes the inspiration behind the name of this blog…I wish I could take credit) I really like this version…except for the fact that they changed the name of the song to SARAH SMILES (epic fail) but Biffle you will enjoy that…haha take a listen here Just remember Hall and Oates did it first with the CORRECT spelling of the name! This cover by Birds and Bees would have been a success if they just spelled SARA correctly… :)!

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