Day Sixty Four

In the words of Taylor Swift “Today was a FAIRYTALE” :)! It was my first day of spring break…I went to the Mall with my Mom and got some really cute clothes, included a NEW jean jacket for the Taylor Swift concert. Caitlin and Natalie met at my house at 5:30 and then we headed downtown. I was anxious all day waiting for this concert. When we got there we went straight to our seats…get ready for this…LAST ROW (yes DEAD last!) Despite being so far away from the stage we had an INCREDIBLE time. I love Taylor Swift so much and after this concert I respect her so much more (if that is possible!) I am so glad all the kids I babysit for look up to her because I think she is an amazing role model…and I think she and I would be BEST friends (still in dork mode from yesterday!!) The concert was perfect (even from the last row) Gloriana opened and played some of my favorite songs…then Kellie Pickler, we listened to her sing “Best Days” but then went to the merchandise line. We spent the rest of her time buying stuff and walking around…we ended up stalling right by where Gloriana was signing stuff (the line was too long so we just observed) They literally walked RIGHT by us! I could honestly sit here and describe every little detail of the Taylor Swift concert but that would take FOREVER! I am going to create a video with the photos and video I took at the concert so I will share the link on here. One thing Taylor did that I found extremely classy was she sang in the MIDDLE of the crowd (right by one of my brothers friends…so jealous!) She then took her time walking back to the stage stopping to hug her fans…this is why I love her! She is such a genuine person and you can tell she OBVIOUSLY cares about her fans! I think I am going to have a couple pictures today…here is one I took of her hugging the fans…Then Natalie and I got to see some of our favorite parts…pretty sad that we already knew what was coming…thank you Dateline (Taylor Swift Special) and a little Twitter/Facebook stalking. She did a GIANT switcharoo during Love Story. She went from wearing a GIANT period dress to this beautiful white dress. Then for the song Forever and Always it started with an interview with Hoda Kotb and she threw a GIANT chair off the stage…Then at the very end for the encore she came out and sang Should’ve Said No…with an AMAZING surprise at the end…watch this video and you can see! :)! (this was Nat’s favorite!)

And for the final picture of the day…the three of us! Natalie Caitlin and I! I am so glad they came with me…because a concert would be so boring alone! Surprisingly I still have my voice..even though I sang EVERY single song (the poor ladies sitting next to me) :)! But like I said in the beginning “Today was a Fairytale” even from the LAST row of the Amway Arena! :)!

And I will post the link to the video I make once I finish it…this way you can see ALL my pictures and video clips! :)! For the first time ever I filled up an entire memory card!


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