Day Sixty Five

The strangest thing always happens when I am home…I can never sleep in! For the past two days I have been awake by 9 AM (crazy I know I am on Spring Break!!) Today was pretty relaxing, just went to Costco with my family. I love costco because they literally have ANYTHING your heart could desire! I love their selection of books, movies and especially the cameras :)! Today’s picture is from the check out line.

Tonight I got to babysit for some of my FAVORITE kids! :)! They are great…and we always have a blast! They are really good family friends of ours so my parents went out with them to celebrate Titi’s (the aunt) birthday. We made cupcakes to celebrate and when everyone got home we watched The Office…again(they had never seen it)! :)! It was such a fun night and I am glad I got to see them, because I never get to babysit in Gainesville :(!

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