Day Sixty Two

Today was your average Wednesday…class then Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts was a lot of fun…our youngest girl has shown SO much improvement and it makes me so happy! When we first started she could barely read and now every meeting she reads better and better. In art lab we started our next project (it was supposed to be a photography project…but the TA changed it) It is a print project…we had to draw a picture of nature and transfer it to styrofoam. I drew a leaf (waay easier than the tree Biffle drew)

Tonight I went to Raise Your Voice Months first event. RYVM is a monthlong event my organization ACTIONS! puts on. Each week we raise awareness for a different issue facing our world today. This week was Soldier awarness. We had a beautiful candle light vigil at the Reitz Union Ampitheater. Lauren (RYVM Director) planned it and it was amazing. She had several soldiers who have gone to the Middle East and fought for our country. Each one of them could name friends they had lost in the war…it was so sad. After everyone spoke we each lit a candle to remember those who have been lost. I feel like a lot of people overlook the fact that the people fighting over there are fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters, all we see is a simple number scrolling on the bottom of the news…but each one of those numbers represents a person that gave their life for this country. Today’s picture is from the vigil…some of the soldiers placed their candles infront of the Military Monument at the amphitheater.

After the candle light vigil I went to my twin’s house with my big! All three of us haven’t hung out in forever! We watched Modern Family and Cougar Town…for those of you who don’t know these are the funniest shows on Wednesday night! :)! Tomorrow is SPRING BREAK!


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