Day Sixty Three

Class today was cut short due to the fact that barely anyone showed up…Thank you very much classmates that decided to skip!! :)! Unfortunately I could not go home right after class because I had mentoring at 2:30. I was SUPPOSED to have my caregiver interview…but Mentee’s mom backed out. I did get to meet her mom, when she came to pick her up…so I am hoping she remembers that we planned on meeting TWO monday’s from now! (Paper about it is due the thursday we get back!) Mentee was not in a learning mood…so we struggled to get through the lesson…once we finished I hit the road! The entire car ride was spent listening to Gloriana (look them up they are great!) They are also opening for Taylor Swift tomorrow (words can’t describe HOW excited I am!) I am expecting to have no voice on Saturday and I would like to apologize now to Caitlin and Natalie for having to suffer through my singing! Today’s picture of the day is from my drive home…professional Sara out the window photography (It was on a side street in Winter Park by Lake Sue…no cars around promise!) I honestly think I could work for Google Earth!I love this picture…the sun peaking through the trees and the reflection in the mirror! :)!

Ok now I am going into total dork mode…Tonight on The Office Jim and Pam had their baby! Jim and Pam may be television’s cutest couple (actually they are, no competition!)…and I am in love with this show. I remember the first time I ever watched The Office… (I told you it would get dorky!) My dad and brothers were obsessed, so naturally I wanted nothing to do with it (convinced it was a “man” show) but the first time I sat down and watched it I noticed the attraction between Jim and Pam and I fell in LOVE with the show. It only took like 5 seasons for them to get together but it was TOTALLY worth it! This show is my guilty pleasure, I can watch it over and over again (which is PERFECT since I own ALL the seasons) If you want the perfect guy look no farther than Jim Halpert (I admit it I am a dork!). This episode was AMAZING …totally worth the wait! Even after so many seasons The Office still has it…I laughed so hard at one point (don’t want to ruin it for those of you who haven’t watched!) I am currently watching for the second time with my Dad (he missed it). I could honestly go on and on about how much I love this show…but that would bore everyone! I am so glad to be home and BEYOND excited for Spring Break 2010…even though I have no exciting plans…


2 thoughts on “Day Sixty Three

  1. Shiau says:

    As a matter of fact,my spring break juz finished,now I’m heading 2 campus,where thousands miles far away my hometown.Hope u will enjoy youself!

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