Day Sixty One

Today was my last intense day before spring break…too bad my brain is already on spring break! I had two tests today…both went pretty well I think…well I know Children’s Literature went well (The one I panicked about) because I got a 106…how this was possible I am not sure. I am 99% sure I got one wrong…and there was only 5 extra credit points? But I am not complaining…Now I just have to wait and see what I got on my Art Education Test. Class started at 5:10 but I finished the test at 5:09 (still not sure how that worked) Ok actually I know…she started class early (haha!)

I finally got my new phone case! I love it…

Isn’t it beautiful!?! It is pink (of course!) It has a hard shell and rubber shell so it is extra protected! I am very tempted to throw it against the wall…but not that tempted (haha!) It is called an Otterbox. The only complaints I have is that it does not fit into my alarm clock (which I use to charge my phone), but my dad said he bought some cord that fixes this so I may need to get one. Some of the calls are also very fuzzy..I am still not sure if it is just bad service or the case, hopefully just service!

Today I also had to visit another girl scout meeting with Natalie, because when we start working we will have to pick up one or two more meetings. The site we went to was close to where I tutor (not a very good part of town) It took me forever to find where the meeting was taking place but I finally found it! The girls were a lot of fun! One little girl was adorable, she had a purse that she would not put down and these big black boots on! (She was probably 5!) They had a really good turnout too..I think 1o girls. That is waay more than Natalie and I EVER get at Porters! Susan (our supervisor) outlined the requirements of our job…and I think we get to start after Spring Break (YES! I will have MONEY!) It is seriously the best job ever…We get paid to run Girl Scout meetings and help out at the office!

Tonight I had to write my LAST paper before Spring Break…it was very difficult due to the fact that my brain checked out three days ago…but I finished it! Now I just need to survive two more days of class, a caregiver interview, and a drive back to Winter Park! I am so excited because Friday I get to see TAYLOR SWIFT, GLORIANA, and Kelli Pickler…It will be an amazing concert…even from the nosebleed section. :)!

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