Day Fifty Eight

Today we had the CLS Olympics! It was bright and early (ok not bright…rainy and cold!) Luckily they decided to move it indoors, so we did not die of hypothermia. It was a lot of fun, I brought my roommates because we needed extra people…I had to leave before they announced the winner, but I don’t think ACTIONS! won…I  am convinced it was rigged (we won last year). Right after the Olympics I had to go to an authors talk for Children’s Literature (I got 10 extra credit points!) The author wasn’t even THERE…well she kind of was…it was via Skype. So pretty much she was at her house in California on the computer and we were in the classroom in Florida. It was pretty cool, and was a lot shorter than it would have been had she been there. She was very interesting, her name was Joyce Carol Thomas (I think?) but the picture of the day is from the talk…Oh! This morning started off with quite a shock…an earthquake hit Chile (500x stronger than the one that hit Haiti)…but after the earthquake hit more trouble started. The country suffered several aftershocks sending tsunami warnings throughout the Pacific Ocean. It was reported that a tsunami would hit Hawaii at 4 pm. We spent over an hour and a half watching CNN at 4 pm to see if the tsunami hit…(No we were not hoping for some carnage wave to hit, we just wanted to know what was going on!) Luckily no tsunami hit the island…well one did but it was a 3 ft wave! (Just like your average day at the beach) I was VERY impressed by Hawaii’s response time to prepare their state for this impeding (sp?) wave. Everyone was evacuate to higher land, except for one idiot who thought it would be a good idea to stand on the shore…lucky for him it was only  a 3 foot wave. My prayers go out to everyone that was affected by this natural disaster.

I would just like to say I am VERY glad I live in Florida…most importantly the MIDDLE of Florida, away from any fault lines (no earthquakes) and when a hurricane hits we are in the center! Tonight I had two of my sorority sisters over for movie night! We watched Talladega Nights (Kim had NEVER seen it!) Oh! Kim (one of my sorority sisters) lived in Canada for 12 years, and one time for a field trip she learned how to CURL! I had a major freakout, because if you all recall I am convinced curling is the sport for me!

We also got to watch the USA Bobsled team win the GOLD (I already knew this was going to happen courtesy of twitter) One of them went to the University of Florida (yeaaah Gators!) I even spotted a Gator flag RIGHT in the crowd. I thought I was crazy at first, but then they showed it again! Seriously how many college flags do you see displayed in the crowd at the Olympics! I am currently watching Forrest Gump…classic movie…for the second time in the past two days. AMC is playing it EVERY night this week. I love watching it now that I am older and understand more of the historic events happening in it (for example Watergate).This is one of those movies that never gets old! Tomorrow I get to wake up early and do homework FOREVER…I am even going to the library (now thats dedication!)

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