Day Fifty Six

This morning I had a test…it was NOT fun, and then we had to stay for the rest of the class (It was a three hour block) I still felt so sick, so sitting in class was no fun. We watched this Oprah special about Poverty in the US. Anderson Cooper was a guest reporter and I love him. He was the reason I wanted to be a journalist…we all saw how that worked out though! But its ok because I love what I am doing! I can’t wait till I have my own classroom to teach. After class my Biffle drove me home, because she was going home for the weekend! (Yes! No bus!) She gave me one of these adorable cupcakes her roommate Kim made…

I really want to try and make these, but I can almost guarantee they won’t turn out this cute (You all have seen example of my baking) Later I went to the Phi Mu basketball game. We played against Kappa Delta and they had Chandler Parsons (yes the star of the UF basketball team) as there coach, and Adam Allen (another player). We on the other hand had NO coach…but it didn’t matter we still tied! :)! The lame refs wouldn’t let us go to overtime….I am convinced we would have won!

When I got home, the roomies and I watched the Patriot, which may be one of the most depressing movies EVER made. Heath Ledger is in it and he dies, which was so sad :(! And then so many other character die horrible deaths, it was very depressing. The little girl that plays Mel Gibson’s youngest daughter is absolutely adorable…Natalie and I decided the cute kids are why we like the movie! Then the guys upstairs decided to start jumping for no apparent reason, and everytime they jump our light goes out…not cool. Nat got our broom and started banging on the ceiling…leading to a full out stomping battle. This resulted in them turning their car on outside our window with the bass on FULL BLAST, and when I went to peak out the window one of them was sittng on the railing to our porch..creepy? YES! But I think I freaked them out when I peaked out, because then it got pretty quiet…fun times in college!


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