Day Fifty Seven

Today was Friday…the day I have no class! I had to wake up and pick my roommates up from campus, because I needed to turn a form in. It worked out very well because they didn’t have to ride the bus home and I didn’t have to pay to park! I applied for the Presidential Service Award (It is through the Center for Leadership and Service which ACTIONS! is a part of!) You need to have 100 hours of service to apply…which I do so hopefully I will get it! I think that would be such an amazing honor. Speaking of service I had my FIRST Service event for ACTIONS! that I planned all by myself. I was so NERVOUS because all day I kept getting emails from people backing out…we had a very pathetic turnout which frustrates me very much. This club is made up of 30 people, and they must go through an interview to become a part of it…yet they can’t make time to do service? Even the people who COMMITTED (only 5) were backing out at the last minute. When I arrived I was expecting it to only be Jeremey and I (I drove Jeremey so I knew he would be there!) But another girl Roshonda was there…thankfully! That was a HUGE relief. Pretty pathetic when having 3 people show up (including myself) is a relief. Around 4:30 Darrell and Oscar showed up to help as well. It was so much fun…so to all of the members who had “better” things to do…you seriously missed out! We got to sort SO MANY clothes…my favorite the BABY clothes! :)! Roshanda’s mom is having a baby boy so we were picking out adorable outfits for him! I found a baby gator dress I was so close to buying…and I don’t even know anyone with a baby! It was really great getting to help because the people were very appreciative of our help…I wish we could have stayed later! It is good to have created this connection because I will be able to use them for future service projects. Now I have to start planning for a service project in March, and I BETTER have a bigger turnout, or I may have to get mean… (haha!)

Today’s picture of the day is from when we had to clean out a van of donations! Jeremey and I found this OLD SCHOOL Video Camera…very very very OLD School. It had to weigh about 10 lbs…compare that to the video cameras of today :)!!


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